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What We Do

User-Friendly Experience

*  Clean & Clear conceptual display 

*  Simplify chaos

*  Online visibility 

*  Marketing tools

    Directory listings

    Business cards

        Social media




*  Monthly maintenance

We exert the effort

to make your website look effortless

We turn your idea into a website

We stay current with industry trends

If you think it, we can design it

We take your project very seriously, and custom design every detail


bits & bytes ABOUT US

Impressive Web Design & SEO (for ranking)

Tidy Desk

What We don't do

  • We don't outsource your idea

  • Overcharge

  • Use techy lingo

  • Miss a deadline

  • We don't use a cookie-cutter same-design format for all projects;

'custom design' too often means 'they' came up with

a design format & use it for all projects and customize

it with the client's name.

Why Hire Us? 

Because ... Our techniques focus on

  • Website performance

  • Online presence

  • We help your business thrive

  • We transform U'r idea into an impressive website

  • You get more than pretty pictures

With Many Options...

Business Email

Business Phone Number


Subscriptions & Forms


Site Boost

Marketing & SEO

Analytics & Reports

24/7 Support


We are dedicated to elevating your website's aesthetics & visibility


Our strategies create tangible results.  We pride ourselves on providing solutions that will work for your business and help you meet your goals.

We capture the essential elements of your business idea to harness the attention of your audience and amplify Internet visibility.

Since the inception of Impressive Web Design & SEO for ranking, we have delivered many happy web designs.   Our commitment to detail, quality, and exceptional service keep our clients coming back often.


Recent Website Strategies
Various Industries 

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"I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Halina for her skills"         

Joe Pillera Sr.
IT Consultant, 
Visteon Corp.
Van Buren, MI

Marble Surface

"Halina knows the art of SEO, explains technical concepts clearly, good writer"

Tony Fracasso, Owner
Online Media, Inc. 
Buffalo, NY

Marble Surface

"Wow this is really awesome, I totally will refer you"

Chris Delregno, Owner
Tech One Services LLC
Buffalo, NY

Marble Surface

"First, I love the site. You've done a great job... "

Joshua (Wix Support)
San Francisco, CA

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