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*   Why You Need Web Content Creation

  • If you want to promote your products & services you need CONTENT ...


       SEO writing is the process of planning, creating and optimizing content with the primary goal of

ranking in search engines. Why Is it Important? If you want to rank in Google, awesome content is KEY. However, just pumping out high-quality content isn’t enough. Ultimately, it’s about content that achieves its marketing goal, whether that’s generating traffic, rankings, engagement, or conversions. We strive to produce contentful writing that is easily understood by an audience who is without a technical background.  SEO friendly content will improve the visibility of your website in search results.

  • If you want to be found on the Internet you need SEO ...

       Search Engine Optimization is commonly referred to as (SEO).  If you want to be found on the internet it is important to be indexed by the search engine Google crawlers. If your site is not indexed you can not expect to be found, nor expect much organic traffic. Compare this to a library that is not indexed and you can't find a specific book subject.  By utilizing SEO techniques this offers your website an opportunity for search engines to find and index your website for search results. Essentially the combination of friendly SEO content and indexing signals is a process of a bilingual language that speak to crawlers and the users.  Our objective is to create a professional website.

  • If you want to be noticed in search results you need SERP ...

      SERP is an acronym for Search Engine Results Page, which is Google’s, Bing's and other search engines response to a user’s search query. When a question is typed, by a user, into a browser the search engine algorithms sort the already indexed websites, and in-turn produces a list of potential answers. If the answer to the query is displayed in the primary list that is really good SERP!  You might also notice “next” which are other listings for that particular query. In brief, SERP is all about page ranking. Thus, the work of SEO is to coordinate and optimize for web search ranking, to achieve the best possible ranking position that will drive traffic, and conversions. Additionally,  there are several paths to harness page rank.       

  • If  you want all of the above ... you need SEO CONTENT WRITER

97% of consumers go online to find products and services 

However ... 91.5% of searchers will ONLY read page 1



The secret sauce for web conversion rate ... 

"If over 90% of people do not go past page 1 of the Google Search Results when searching for something, you had better do everything you possibly can to get onto page 1 or you will get ZERO business from Google."    The Conversion GURU 

*    Why Page 1 Is Important: To Promote Your Website


     One of the elements of optimization is quality content for the human audience, as well as speaking to the search engine to help crawlers understand the meaning and context of a website.  If the search engine can not understand your content then it will not index your site, and the bot will move on.  Knowing the searchers' habits as depicted in these charts, makes it easier to create an engaging site.

     First and foremost, if you already have a website but it lacks-luster maybe you are not providing the right signals for the Google search engine to catch sight of it.  These signals are within the robots.txt file and sitemap.xml which conveys what to do. Crawlers do not 'read or see' your site as humans do.  Google spiders/crawlers read codes, which is briefly explained in "Structured Data"     


Consider the users' habits, as expressed herein.  It becomes obvious why page 1. 


On the average, 4.8% view page two ...

1.1% view page three ...

Thereafter, it's reduced to 0% views.   

Chitika report shows how Page 2 views drop off

Chitika report shows 91.5% view only Page 1 

* Best TIP for Good Website Content





*   How SEO Optimization Works

                    SEO Defined: 

Search Engine Optimization techniques are used in digital marketing for the purpose of ...

creating a professional website and promoting your website. Search engine ranking can only be

actualized if Googlebot/crawlers can find and index your site, which will result in traffic with potential conversions.

Let us extract the most important elements of your business and compile

content for the essential expression.  We make it easy to develop a clean website for visibility.

If your website is generating ho-hum discernibility.  No worries, keep in mind ... optimization is always a work in progress. 

What you can expect:

How we arrive at an impressive new web design

Define the problem.   With a new idea for a website, there are always concerns that arise from an existing website – or there is no website at all! We'd like to discuss a clear picture of the problem.

Listen intently.   We want you to admire your new stunning website. That can only happen if you initially convey your goals so we can deliver the right solution. We will ask you to describe your vision for the new website.

Establish goals.   All projects that result in success are guided by established goals. Together, we will define the goals of your project.

Craft a solution.   Once your concerns and your vision are understood for your new website, our diligent work begins to design a custom solution that addresses your idea, while including the goal for web search ranking.

SEO graph of continual optimization

Nurturing SEO
SEO Main Processes
business card

These statistics may be a bit overwhelming, considering the time spent in creating a website; which usually involves some pages to discuss your product and services. 

It's a known fact that users don’t like to click to read the next part of anything ... they prefer to have everything loaded on one page.

So, before making a decision about branding design or AD campaign ... you need to consider the habits of your audience.       

We know that the first few seconds of an introduction are very important.  And you know the drill for a job interview,  big meeting, or a casual social introduction. First Impressions matter.


Your page1 is the first few seconds of an introduction to promoting your website to the bots and to users. How to entice a searcher to learn more about your products and services by clicking to the next page?   Do whatever it takes to nudge a call-to-action.

Page1 is not the venue for bragging about square footage or the inception of your business.  The customer is only interested if you can resolve their website issues. 


Focus on HOW the products and services address problematic scenarios.  Save the bragging for the ABOUT tab.

 Don't be afraid to discover what you don't know!

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