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 SEO Content Writer | Web Design | Technical Communicator

Our objective is to improve the visibility of a website.  We strive to build on SEO techniques that can generate real measurable results.  In the marketing world, this translates into higher rankings and more traffic.


We capture the essential elements of your business to harness the attention of the user. If the reader lingers beyond the first 10 seconds ... their inquiry was answered.   And most likely they will be interested to learn more.  


Our mission is to develop relationships with a community that will be coming back often. Search Engine Optimization is not a one-time event.  As your business grows so should your website.  Products and services may change … as do trends. It is a continual process that requires updates

to keep fresh and evergreen.

SEO Content Writer provides quality, that is driven by best practices. We distinguish our service … not to be equated with every other web designer out there, who rant and rave about this/that in the industry; which may not be related to the potential customer's inquiry.  

We listen to our clients'.


The owner gravitated into the SEO path due to getting a headache from all the eye-rolling while working as an analyst. Which boiled down to “let's be creative and fix this/that” by masking a few words here and there, resulting in nothing better.  Isn't that a form of insanity?  A ton of research is funded for improvements and solutions are available.



The proprietor has acquired experience from working in the technical field as an analyst for companies


such as Verizon DSL, Prometric Testing, HSBC, and M&T Bank, for an aggregate of 14 years. 


Plus 10 years as a remote freelance technical document creator. 



This knowledge base and skill set has provided a solid technical background relative to how search engines work.  SEO Content Writing speaks to the target audience and to search engine technology.  We employ SEO principles that provide the client with a successfully optimized website resulting in ROI.  ​We take responsibility seriously and occupy a high degree of autonomy.  The clients' satisfaction is our business. 

We offer SEO services that may involve content rewriting or creating a professional website that will contribute to promoting a website, such as branding and AD campaign.    Search Engine Optimization techniques are used in digital marketing for the purpose of correctly indexing so that Googlebot/crawlers can find and rank your site, resulting in traffic with potential conversions.

We provide expertise to the small business owner, startup, and the DIY'er who is short on time and SEO skills to DIY.   A one-person staff is not too large.    Our signature HOME page is good On-Page and Technical SEO; which is in compliance with industry best practices and expresses

Google's objective ... to accommodate the user for a good experience.

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 Halina B.