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The Vexing low Traffic Metrics!

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

A website's purpose is to harness traffic, with the objective that someone at the very least will eyeball your impressive website, and will be motivated to become a customer.

The formula to achieve this is all about ranking, which is all about traffic, which is all about customers.

A website needs:

  • Traffic = should intensify results for more

  • Viewers = who will become

  • Customers = all of the above should result in

  • Higher ranking = SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

If you notice a reduced performance that is a screaming signal for h-e-l-p!

So how to fix this? There are several places to explore and identify the problems for implementing appropriate solutions. It could be as simple as outdated keywords. Or, maybe the content needs a rewrite. Here are a few insights into the common perpetrators for a drop in traffic.

1. Recent website changes and redesign = resubmit your website to Google in GSC to speed up the indexing process

2. Are 3xx redirection codes updated?

  • 301 permanent redirects mapped out correctly

  • 302 temporary

3. Make sure all internal & external links are working

4. Check for common HTML status code errors:

  • 4xx client error – the request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled

  • 5xx server error – the server failed to fulfill an apparently valid request

5. Site structure and formatting errors in the sitemap.xml and robots.txt will impact crawling and indexing. Is something blocked?

6. On-Page SEO errors may include:

  • Errors in title tags, H1, missing alt-tags

  • Duplicate content issues

  • Absent meta description

  • Duplicate meta descriptions

7. Technical SEO issues

8. A lot of spammy links coming in may affect ranking, even with a disallow attribute

How to detect and resolve issues (to increase visibility)

This graph shows how loading speed may affect increased bounce rate

(loss of real traffic)

graph showing relationship of loading speed to bounce rate
Loading Speed v. Bounce Increases

If you want more traffic, it is essential to maximize the visibility search results in Google and any other search engine.

Finding solutions that are preventing visibility can be challenging and daunting. That's where the SEO audit can be very helpful ... which is a downloadable Ebook.

It's a deep dive and maybe a bit time-consuming but the effort is worth it.

If you enjoy geeking out on details try this handy tool, Screaming Frog SEO spider/Google Partner, which offers a free downloadable version with tutorials and video. This app has the ability to resolve issues such as:

  • Identify broken links

  • Analyze page titles & meta descriptions

  • ID pages with thin content

  • Verify Indexability

  • Improve site optimization

… and much more

To outwit the complexity of a full-blown audit, another approach is to jump directly into the Google Lighthouse, a free tool. It provides a detailed report of what was analyzed, diagnoses the issues, and offers suggestions on how to fix them. If you follow all prompts the vexing low traffic issue will be significantly solved.

Assuming all of the above was taken into consideration and explored, now comes the real question, "How to generate more traffic?" Try these tips for generating more traffic to a website.

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