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Who Is Your SEO Audience?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

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As an SEO content writer you have to be bilingual. WHAT! ?

Well, that may be a bit overstated but there's more to the surface act of writing content … so keep reading.

Once you know who your intended audience is and what the purpose of writing is, you can make a decision about how to shape your message. How you present the content largely depends on the demographics of your audience and the topic. The content format can vary... could be an image, video, PDF file, or an article for a blog. — but regardless of how you present the data, content is revealed with language a search engine can read. And keep in mind crawlers do not read human language.

No matter what, you want your human audience to stick around long enough to read your whole piece. To make your appeal you have to know what makes them tick. What sparks their interest. What makes them curious. And what makes them feel understood.

First and foremost the goal of an SEO content writer is to attract search engine traffic. This includes writing in the language in which your target audience understands the message. Which involves a deep dive into keyword search, keyword optimization, content organization, and content promotion.

Content writing uses words, sentences, paragraphs and relies on grammar rules to formulate concepts for the human audience to comprehend.

Technical SEO also has its own language. For your content to be found on the Internet an optimized keyword is one of the stepping stones for the search engine to find your content. SEO relies on HTML markup language which the search engine understands. As an SEO content writer, if you know how search engine language helps your content to be crawled, indexed, and ranked... your optimization will be more successful. Also this process has the ability to grasp the meaning or context of your content. This enables the search engine to decide if your subject matter is thin or quality.

In summary, SEO writers create content for the human target audience and simultaneously write for the search engine.

Remember that crawlers and algorithms are not humans but are computer programs and they cannot ‘read or see’ a website as you do. Crawlers read the HTML code of the web page, extract information and add it to the index. Another coding tool is Schema which provides more information about the website to the crawlers. Then it’s the job of algorithms to decide which websites to rank higher for certain queries. During this continuous process, both crawlers and algorithms are looking for clues to help them make the right decisions and websites that can do this more efficiently and rank higher in the search results.

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