How To Showcase
Your Skills, Talent 

And STAND OUT from the competition

Suitable for all professions at every level

Independent contract attorney
Independent contract attorney

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Independent trade skills
Independent trade skills

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Independent healthcare worker
Independent healthcare worker

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Independent contract attorney
Independent contract attorney

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The Challenge & Benefits (how to defy being un-noticed)

  • Amplify your availability ​& bypass the competition

  • Acknowledge your education & training

  • Be Noticed

  • All professions: entry-level, mid-career, executive

  • A changeover to a new industry

  • Recent grad

  • Establish brand awareness with a recruiter

  • A great platform to showcase writing samples

  • Perfect for freelancers: blogger, speaker, consultant, event, etc.

  • Transitioning from military to civilian employment


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Your skills and experiences are uniquely valuable. 

Easily display yourself with a digital portfolio 

Professionally demonstrate your knowledge to a recruiter or hiring manager

Job Description (if you're knocking on doors)

  • Find Hiring Companies

  • Identify employers

  • Build and activate a career network

  • Utilize employer research materials

  • Attend job fairs

  • Attend conferences and seminars in field of interest

  • Prospect and follow up on referral lead

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The Standard Resume

stand alone boring resume

Different formats of the SAME 

4 examles of a boring resume
two very bored people


The cost for a stand-alone lifeless paper resume ranges from

under-$100  to  $1000; depending on whether it's an

entry level, mid-career, or executive resume.

And they all promise to answer the same questions?






Meanwhile, your competition is doing exactly the same thing.

What are your chances of standing-out in this  vortex?

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  • Visual information gets to the brain 60,000 times faster than written text

  • Information transmitted to the brain is about 80%-90% visual

  • Visual storytelling makes complex ideas understandable and engaging

Science Source

Killer Visual \ A Material Company

Special Offer Save $70.USD


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How to level the playing field   
                                            (and side-step the competition)

To make a 

Stunning Impression

You Want a Professional Portfolio Website

example of website resume front page

  • Your cover photo 

  • Introductory PITCH

  • Resume 

  • Highlight:  accomplishments, awards, volunteer activities, hobbies, projects, etc. 

  • Contact Form:  while you have the Hiring Mgr.'s attention & they're browsing your website this form offers an immediate call to action to contact you.  This form also keeps track of interactions with a built-in mini spreadsheet.

  • Social Media links

  • It is very flexible & can be updated as needed.

Maintain Lasting Visibility after the interview
with a Biz Card
logo business card

To complement your portfolio website, we will also design your biz card.


A Business Card is a great way to further engage and make an indelible impression.   

Front : What you do

Back  : Name, Contact info. & URL

Learn more about creating a visual lasting impact with the  Hiring Mgr.  

(It's all about imagery)

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visual storytelling



Blue Eyes
Extraordinary examples of how we present
YOUR skills & talent
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website resume Let's Make a Difference
Web Resume Acting
Web Resume educator
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webaite resume Motivation Speaker
Web Resume creative

Affordable Pricing ~ Special Offer

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Portfolio Website

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Disclaimer: This is not an employment agency, or career consulting.

This offer is for the sole purpose of assisting individuals to amplify their skills & talent on a digital platform/website/Internet.