How To Amplify Your Resume Online


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We understand the challenges of a job seeker


Which may have been caused by COVID-19...

Company downsizing... etc.

Or, transitioning from military to civilian employment.

Or, are a recent graduate looking for that dream job.

                            We are here to help you achieve your goal 

Job Description

if you are

Knocking On Doors  

  • Find Hiring Companies

  • Identify employers

  • Build and activate a career network

  • Utilize employer research materials

  • Attend job fairs

  • Attend conferences and seminars in field of interest

  • Prospect and follow up on referral lead

Let Us Help You Lighten The Load


to make a

  Stunning Impression

With a Resume Website and a link to your resume  with an appropriate cover letter you can reach more companies and recruiters, save time and impose a dynamic stand out!

1.  Your dream job is listed on Indeed

2.  Indeed wants a cover letter & resume

3.  You compose a cover letter & add your  resume website link

4.  Your stunning website provides more info about you along with a standard resume


5.  A resume website makes a professional impression and a lasting impact. 


Dear Hiring Mgr.

This is my awesome cover letter expressing briefly my interest for this position with a link to my stunning website which displays more accurately who I am along with my resume. 


Hiring Mgr. Clicks  LINK

Resume Website 3.JPG

Example of Resume Website

  • Cover photo 

  • About You 

  • Resume

  • Highlight  accomplishments 

  • Contact

It is very flexible & can be updated as needed.

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a Business Card + creates a connection & keeps you in touch

also available from us:

Front cover = Identifier

Back = Contact info. & Resume Website URL


Fearless Pricing Levels ~ Special Offer

Resume Website


$55. USD = Basic format

$110. USD = More Add-ons 


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Disclaimer: This is not an employment agency, or career consulting.

Website offer is for the sole purpose of assisting individuals with visual/digital presentation of a resume.