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The Main Elements Involve:

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Search engine ranking factors collage

Impressive Web Design & SEO (for ranking)

SEO content writing is very important according to the Business Wire metrics

"97% of consumers depend on the Internet for information about  products and services." 

Search engines also rely on directory listings such as Inc. because 80 million consumers use (AKA, the Yellow Pages phone book which was delivered at the door.)

SEO content writing is the process of planning, creating and optimizing words with the primary goal of ranking in search engines.


Why Is this important? If you want to rank in Google ... relevant, awesome and enhanced content is KEY.


However, just pumping out high-quality content isn’t enough.


Ultimately, it’s about content that achieves its marketing goal, whether that’s generating traffic, rankings, engagement, or conversions. Specifically utilize exact keywords for content writing


We strive to produce contentful writing that is easily understood by an audience who is without a technical background. 


SEO friendly wordsmithing will improve the visibility of your website in search results.

Millions of searches occur daily, and that's why your business needs website visibility, with good SEO content.

SEO Content  Writing used for a website to be found on the internet.  If your site is not indexed you can not expect to be found, nor expect much organic traffic.


Compare this to a library that is not indexed ... what are the chances of finding a specific book?  


By utilizing SEO techniques this offers your digital platform  an opportunity for search engines crawlers to index your website for search results.


Essentially the combination of SEO friendly content and indexing signals is a process of harnessing search engine organic traffic. 


This indirectly involves a bilingual language skill set that speaks to crawlers and more importantly the human audience. 


Our objective is always to create a professional website.


SEO strategy

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SEO Strategy

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Search engine results page according to 'The Conversion Guru' says this about SERP ...

"90% of people don’t go past

page 1 of the Google Search results when searching for something" 

"If over 90% of people do not go past page 1 of the Google Search Results, you had better do everything you possibly can to get onto page 1 or you will get ZERO business from Google."

Search Engine Results Page, is Google’s, Bing's and other search engines response to a user’s search query

When a question is typed, by a user, into a browser,  the search engine algorithms sort the already indexed websites, and in-turn produces a list of potential answers.


If the answer to the query is displayed in the primary list that is really good SERP!  

You might also notice “next” which are other listings for that particular query.  


In brief, it is all about search engine ranking.  Quality content coupled with SEO guidelines along with ranking factors = good SERP. 


Thus, the work of good content and SEO is to coordinate, optimize and

achieve the best possible ranking position that will drive traffic, resulting in conversions.


Keep in mind there are more than 200 ranking factors that a website is up against, to capture the coveted Page 1 listing.  

We diligently strive to incorporate these metrics for website performance.

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What is


Why  Page 1 Is Important  (To Promote Your Website)

One of the elements of quality content is to pen for the SEO audience, as well as the search engine crawlers, so the bot can grasp the meaning/context of a website.  If the search engine can not understand your content then it will not index your site, and the bot will move on.  Knowing the searchers' habits as depicted in these charts, makes it easier to create an engaging site.

 Crawlers do not 'read or see' your site as humans do.  Googlebot/spiders read codes, and the clearer the code the better.


Consider the users' habits, as expressed herein,  and It becomes obvious why page 1 is important for position placement in results (SERP). Consumers prefer to scroll rather than click.


On average, 4.8% view page two ...

1.1% view page three ...  Thereafter, it's reduced to 0% views.   

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Graph shows how Page 2 views drop off

Pie chart shows 91.5% view only Page 1 

How do consumer search habits affect a website?


The consumer search habits, as depicted in these info-graphs also affect a website in two ways:

1.   If a website ranking is 900:

On the www Internet scale, this implies a website has a lot of ground to cover to improve the search engine results page ranking before it achieves SERP listing on Page 1.  The solution requires to roll-up-the-sleeves and learn more about ranking factors and fix the absent elements.  It's a bit time-consuming to identify and resolve.  And it takes time to update the sitemap.xml file and wait for results to appear... but it's worth the effort.

2.  The consumer search habits also affect how they navigate on your website.

If a consumer landed on the HOME page... how to advance their search habits to a section which has very interesting and informative details on page 2 or 3?    We rely on interactive methodology for a continuous on-page reciprocal experience. Utilizing these options significantly improves website performance.

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