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SEO At a Glance  & Why It Matters 

Impressive Web Design & SEO (for ranking)


What Do
Search Engines Want?











Google runs about 63,000 search queries per second, which adds up to 5.6 billion searches per day or 2 trillion per year.


Moreover, the average person searches Google three to four times per day.


These search statistics show small business owners how much web traffic potential there is.

We're all about helping you reach your goal. Email us today... we'll be happy to service your request. 

Google trafic averages 2 trilliom per year

What Is SEO?

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annimation of seo elements


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What Is Technical SEO?

We make it easy for your website to be fresh, current, and clean for online visibility; by extracting the most important elements of your business and compiling content for an essential expression. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is a strategy that coordinates many factors that affect a website's performance.  We harness every opportunity with friendly Search Engine Optimization techniques for a website to be crawled and indexed correctly. 

This strategy enhances website visibility listing in the Search Engine Result Page, (SERP).  Along with designing an impressive visual display for your professional website, if needed, we also engage in custom HTML and Schema markup, to amplify a website for better performance.




For best results, we optimize three pillars of SEO


The main work of SEO:

  • Crawling

  • Indexing

  • Ranking


chart of main seo processes

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Why does SEO matter?


97% of consumers depend on the internet for information about products/services

(Source: Business Wire Metrics)

However:   91.5% view only Page 1

Google click thru rate ranking position.JPG

Google click-through rate by ranking position

If you want to grow your business SEO is not a nerdy fad, nor an option to keep thinking about.   It is a fundamental part of a marketing plan for your products or services for the purpose of harnessing traffic and leads.

 "The holdouts – those who don’t plan to create an SEO strategy  – will likely find it increasingly difficult to get discovered by new customers online."     

( Search Engine Journal )

What you can expect from our services

If we design it ... we SEO it   


  • On-going maintenance is available on a monthly basis

      Update SEO, content, and keywords 

      Check for broken links

      Structured schema data 

      Custom HTML tags 


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